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  • How to get Guasacate-Popoyo?
    You can get here with: A- Car B- Taxi C- Bus A- We are located in Guasacate Beach, Rivas department. You can reach us from Rivas, the nearest town, or from Managua or Granada. From Rivas, it is about an hour to 1.5 hours ride to reach us. This road is easily accessible even with a regular car since only the last stretch is not well paved. If you drive with a 4x4 from Managua (about 3 hours by road) or Granada (2 hour and a half) , you can take the OCHOMOGO road instead of Rivas streets to make your ride shorter. This road is not well structured (mainly dirt road). In addition, you will have to pass 3 rivers so we don’t recommend it during rainy seasons. We encourage you to contact us for more information about seasonal conditions before making your decision! B- We can organize your trip to Vibra from wherever you are with our trusted taxi drivers. You can find the estimated costs in 2022 for regular cars. Peñas Blancas(Border to Costa Rica) u$d 55 Rivas: u$d 30 Granada: u$d 55 Managua: u$d 80 (if you need a van or a 4x4/SUV please contact us for more info) We can also support your transfers from Costa Rica, our trusted collaborators will help you crossing the border and accompany you in your trip to reach to us safely and comfortably. Write to us for more detailed information about transferring from and to Costa Rica. C- We do not recommend to come by bus, but we know some of our guests like having more local adventures and certainly traveling like a Nicaraguan is one of those! Directions: from the bus station in Rivas you have to take the bus to LAS SALINAS, and get off at El Puente Las Salinas, form there you will need a ride or taxi. The closest stop is 2 km away from the beach (where we are) and taxis are not passing in this road frequently. You should book a ride or taxi IN ADVANCE. Some advice: There are no buses to La Salinas on SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS. Please check the Nicaraguan calendar before to planning.
  • Are there ATMs at Guasacate-Popoyo?
    No, unfortunatelly there is not any ATM nearby Guasacate beach. The nearest is 30min drive from here. Most of the places accept credit cards (with an extra fee on the total), but there are also some that only accept cash. We recommend you to have some cash.
  • Is there a Supermarket at Guasacate?
    There is a Mini Market with all the basic groceries, pretty close to Vibra (around 100 mt.). In case you have specific needs we recommend to visit the Supermarkets on your way in Rivas (La Colonia-Maxipali) or Managua.
  • Where I can get fresh fruits and vegetetables?
    A truck full of veggies and fruits stops at our door daily or sometimes twice a day from which you can shop everything you may want.
  • Are there restaurants or places to have breakfast-lunch-dinner?
    Yes! and almost every restaurant is in walking distance from us. There are many different options for breakfast and lunch (Nicaraguan-Italian-Dutch). For dinning you can either go to the restaurants that are open every night or to choose some special places that have specific agenda each night.
  • Can we pay with US dollars in Nicaraguan stores?
    Yes. In Nicaragua the official currency is the "Córdoba"; but both the US Dollars and the Córdobas are used in all stores in the country. Ussualy when you pay with Dóllars they give you the change in Córdobas. To check the official change you can go to Banco Central de Nicaragua:
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